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I'm not afraid of death. Everyone worries about dying and how they will die. They all want to die peacefully, but why? What does it matter? As long as it ends in death it shouldn't matter. All I know is you shouldn't worry about how you die; you should worry about how you live. Now it's the suffering in life that hurts. The pains that don't lead to death, but are close enough. Heartaches, disease, death of loved ones, the true suffering we experience everyday. The pain before death doesn't compare. At least then you are released by death.

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Love is dead.

Love is dead. Impersonation of what love was once was, if anything. Prove me wrong. I'll take the arguments as they come.

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The remarkable thing about humans is their ability to overcome. It is our adaptability that sets us apart. Animals adapt and it takes thousands of years. We can adapt in a split-second. We are the gods of this world, and anyone who says otherwise is a hopeless fool. Drink your opiates of religion. Live in your false reality. Denial of your unimportant existence will give you nothing but death. All of us deserve death. That is why we are put here, to die. There is no point in your life. You are not here to survive. You are not here to find your identity. You do what you want because you are the god of your world.

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I am the enlightened piece of shit.

Crossroads among crossroads. My existence right now is growing ever so dim. What is a man but his false ambitions and his hopeless dreams? Evacuate soul in ten seconds. Selfless lifetime spent on the ground of the ingrates. Do I need children? Do I need a spouse? Is this all for nothing? Pulling in all directions. Doubts are the inhibitors. Time is the decayer. Life is the letdown. Unpredictability. Naive wishes.

Ten. Everyone is lying

Nine. Morals give no immortality.

Eight. You only hurt the ones you love.

Seven. The hurt works both ways.

Six. Violence has never been the answer.

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Judgement and Dreams.

When a man’s judgment fails him, he not only questions his judgment, he questions himself. He questions his integrity, his decisions, and his life. What led him down the wrong path, and what can he change so he does not make the same mistake twice? He seeks his destiny, like it was his to choose, and he will not stop until he feels he has found it. Constantly surrounded by the goods and evils of the world, constantly being torn from the inside out, constantly striving to achieve the ideal happiness he believes that is at the end of his own rainbow. It is man’s destiny to die before his dreams are achieved, and with all of his efforts shattered.

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