Due to excessive spam this site is on hold

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Due to excessive spam this site is on hold


When this site was created there were several teens who really liked the idea. They asked me to start it. They didn't have the financial means, so we decided to help. We provided that early home but sadly as our teens grew up they became less interested in the site. Not enough new people joined to replace the people moving on from the site, and this site ended up falling off the map. It slowly started getting bombarded with spammers and I didn't catch it often, because this was supposed to be a project for the teens and by the teens. The few teen moderators that we had weren't able to keep up with the spam. This site became less interesting and fun as a result. Recently I had to remove 4 months of spam, thousands and thousands of spam comments. I noticed no teens had posted in that time and we had been taken over by scum.

Because of this I have turned off the ability to create new accounts here, and I have turned off the ability to comment. I would like to rekindle this project. If you are a freethinking teen that would like the rights to post here, I will grant them on an individual basis. You can create an account for this site at www.rationalresponders.com and then make a post in this thread saying you'd like access to post here.

In Rationality,

Brian Sapient