I am the enlightened piece of shit.

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Crossroads among crossroads. My existence right now is growing ever so dim. What is a man but his false ambitions and his hopeless dreams? Evacuate soul in ten seconds. Selfless lifetime spent on the ground of the ingrates. Do I need children? Do I need a spouse? Is this all for nothing? Pulling in all directions. Doubts are the inhibitors. Time is the decayer. Life is the letdown. Unpredictability. Naive wishes.

Ten. Everyone is lying

Nine. Morals give no immortality.

Eight. You only hurt the ones you love.

Seven. The hurt works both ways.

Six. Violence has never been the answer.

Five. There are no answers anymore.

Four. There are no truths.

Three. Perception is your only guidance.

Two. You can't teach God anything