Judgement and Dreams.

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When a man’s judgment fails him, he not only questions his judgment, he questions himself. He questions his integrity, his decisions, and his life. What led him down the wrong path, and what can he change so he does not make the same mistake twice? He seeks his destiny, like it was his to choose, and he will not stop until he feels he has found it. Constantly surrounded by the goods and evils of the world, constantly being torn from the inside out, constantly striving to achieve the ideal happiness he believes that is at the end of his own rainbow. It is man’s destiny to die before his dreams are achieved, and with all of his efforts shattered. Another man may one day follow his path, and to come to the very same demise. What is to stop someone from following a dead man’s tracks? Should a person believe that history could change the mind of a man who pursues his dreams? These powerful ambitions of men, they cloud thoughts. Dreams breathe life into human beings. They keep us from falling into that state of emptiness that we all seem to spiral towards. Man is foolish when it comes to hearing the words of his comrades. If another man tries to intrude on one’s dreams, that man is wrong. He does cannot fathom your dreams, let alone pass his own judgments on them. Your path is yours alone, and if anyone tries to sway you from your path, they must be forgotten. A man will go to the ends of the earth to accomplish his goals, and sacrifice any number of men to get there. The question is what do you make your dream? Is your dream to be wealthy? Powerful? Beautiful? If you feel you have accomplished your goal completely, you will create another goal. Pursuing the world as if you could grasp it. The only thing man can change is himself. Change himself to better reach his unattainable goal. His mind and body are his tools, and he may tone them as he wishes. When a man has given up on his dream, he clings to another’s dream. Desperately trying to pull himself out of the dark abyss inside of his head. Those who cling to another man’s dreams are nothing but cobblestones. Sacrifices, used to pave the path to another man’s dream. He can change himself, but he can only use others. Manipulating them for his personal gains. Goals, dreams, aspirations, all of it to achieve happiness. Why can’t people be happy with what they have? Why can’t man be satisfied with the ones he has?