I have finaly been strawmaned

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I have finaly been strawmaned

I was talking online with a Christian and he brought up the point that Christianity preaches peace.

i said that there are at least 3 reasons why i should be stoned to death in the bible.

he asked for specific passages and i provided them.

next thing i know his buddy is saying that i am using a few passages from the bible to prove all modern religion sucks while I only cited the passages because i was asked.

yay my first strawman, ill always remember it

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I wouldn't call it a

I wouldn't call it a strawman - a strawman is when your opponent attacks a position that is not what you actually believe or endorse, while treating the position as if it was yours.

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Sounds more like he was just

Sounds more like he was just avoiding the issue.

I'd personally like to know what verses you gave them. However I'm pretty sure you cited verses from the laws given to the ancient Hebrews.

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Straw man example: A:"Cheese

Straw man example:

A:"Cheese is good"
B:"well millions of innocent cows are killed everyday for seemingly no reason is that good?"

How to refute it:
A:"That has nothing to do with cheese, your strawman cannot defeat me n00b, DIE!!!!"

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Here's a rather subtle

Here's a rather subtle strawman I've seen a lot and only just realized a few days ago.

Argument: God cannot be omni-benevolent, because he has caused the deaths of innocents when he had the power to accomplish his goals without doing so. Anything he does is not due to limits in power, so thus he knowingly and choosingly killed innocents.

Rebuttal: Well under subjective morality, killing innocents is ok

Strawman, I was simply saying that your belief of absolute morality is violated by your belief of this specific GOd, and the two cannot logically exist. I accepted nor rejected neither premise, only said that the two cannot coexist. Bitch.