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When it doesn't fit anywhere else, it fits here. NOTICE: Please don't be surprised if posts here get moved to a more appropriate forum. Use the "Recent posts" link (left-hand menu) to find a recent topic that may have been moved.
134179012 years 7 weeks ago
by banba520
A fun forum for fast short posts similar to how you'd post in IM. You can still go long, but this is a specific forum for those brief posts.
7115012 years 15 weeks ago
by huien
Understanding the world around us through methods that can be proven.
2955912 years 7 weeks ago
by wanggang.520.zheng
Debate any issue. Atheism vs. Theism debates should go here.
99315612 years 7 weeks ago
by galimixiang
A place for you to respond to letters that this website receives. You can also post letters you got from theists, or whomever that you want other freethinkers to give their take on.
1315412 years 12 weeks ago
by jia147003
2980912 years 7 weeks ago
by galimixiang
A haven for those who are without a belief in god, to discuss and the theorize, think freely, and debate any issue. No taboo issue in here. NO THEISTS ALLOWED IN THIS FORUM. THEIST POSTS WILL BE DESTROYED.
1218312 years 7 weeks ago
by wanggang.520.zheng
Religious debate forum, that is heavily moderated, with strict rules. Posters must make every effort to be kind and courteous. No cursing, no insults, no deconstructive criticism.
58412 years 7 weeks ago
by wanggang.520.zheng
Save the environment. Discuss it! What needs saving, what should we do, what can we do?
89412 years 13 weeks ago
by shenseoo
3128012 years 11 weeks ago
by huagui