where to draw the line on freedom of speech

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where to draw the line on freedom of speech

a bomb threat was recently averted in my school.

the person responsible for the threat was a friend. i havnt had any contact with him since (not from intentional dissassociation) but i suspect it was from all the mocking he endured. all the time i hear people picking on him and if i was him i would have gotten sick of it too.

im a huge perponent of 100% free speech but now im questioning that. i did my best to stick up for him when he was being picked on but i only got 2 classes with him.

i can quite phrase the wuestion right but i think you guys can figure out what im tryin to ask

where do you draw the line on free speech knowing what can arise from it with a slightly unstable guy being teased every day for a few years?

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I think that this follows

I think that this follows the same line as yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. I personally think that any injuries caused by words (that are nearly a direct effect of them) should be the responsibility of the speaker.

If no one is hurt, then things become a different matter.

If it is on public property... then there could be a law against it... I have not decided

However, if it is on private property - the owner of the property would be the one to file a claim of _____ and seek some sort of money/ payment.

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Well, we dont have 100%

Well, we dont have 100% freedom of speech, (ie read the Bill Of Rights Admendent I). We have to right, but only if it does not endanger others.