What type of Non-Theist are you?

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What type of Non-Theist are you?

I figured I should ask this. I'm interesed to see how many here Atheists,Agnostics,Deists{or one of it's offshoots}; the 3 non-theist positions.
Who is a Agnostic Atheist and whom is Agnostic Deist- and in both cases to what degree on a scale of 1-100{would you say you're closer to one than the other? how much so}- 1 beeing hardcore militant Atheist, 50 beeing "Pure" and Unadulteraed Agnostic, and 100 beeing Purely-perhaps even Militantly Deistic.
Are you militant in your position or more relaxed,etc?

As for yours truly, I am a Deist leaning PanenDeist/Pandeist{lean more towards the PANEN}; I also could be described to some degree as an Ago-Deist or Agnostic-Deist as I apply alot of Agnostic and skeptic methods to my thought processes. On the scale of 1-100, I am usually within the 90th percentile{I fluctuate a bit from the low 9's to the high, never reaching quite 100}- at times{once in awhile} I may dip into the 80s or high 70's{but not often}; generally I'd say I'm mid-90's.
Even though I lean towards Panendeism or Pandeism, and even though at times I can be fairly Agnostic, I generally just call myself a Deist for simplicities sake.

Don't be shy, share ~smile~

In Reason;

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I can't rate my beliefs on a

I can't rate my beliefs on a scale from 1 to 100 really

I believe that any sort of god is logically a contradiction and that religion is bad (spirituality is okay, to a degree... )

I do not know that there is no god, but I believe that there is no god

In that way I am a strong atheist, weak agnostic - i hold god in the same light as most people hold the easter bunny

I personally think that it would be nice if some sort of eternal bliss awaited us in an afterlife. But I do not think that the christian notion of god is a good one. As a matter of fact, most afterlives envisioned by religious people are not nice places (or they have a bad aspect)

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wow, that whole scale thing

Wow, that whole scale thing confused me.
I'm an Agnostic Atheist.

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Strong atheist. I deny the

Strong atheist. I deny the possibility of a personal god and I very strongly deny the existence of a deistic god. Once in a while I lean towards pantheism, but I still call myself atheist since the pantheistic "god" doesn't really qualify as a god that well.

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until i get an exact

until i get an exact definition of a deity i cant realy say wether im a strong or a week atheist.

if its defined as an omnipotent and immortal being, im a strong atheist

if its defined as anything greater than humanity(like an advanced alien race or something) i would have to say that by that definition a deity is somewhat likely and i would probably call myself an agnostic theist.

if its defined as something higher than humanity that has signifigantly affected humanity i would be a week atheist.

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i would have to say im a

i would have to say im a strong atheist agnostic. I cannot accept a pantheistic or deistic god because the god part, any qualities allotted to a god by definition i dont accept.. a moving force maybe, but that to me leans more toward naturalism.

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i consider myself a strong

i consider myself a strong atheist, i don't see any reason to believe any god or support any religion, I find them contradictory to every aspect of life. Sometimes I lean towards pantheism/ naturalism, although pantheistic gods don't qualify as gods so only in a spiritual aspect that nature should deserve our respect

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Strong atheist. And even in

Strong atheist. And even in the impossible scenario where something like a god existed, it would have no right to tell humanity what to do, what is right and wrong, et cetera. In fact, if shown evidence of a God anything like the Christian God I would say it was open season, no restrictions, season is all-year, no hunting license needed. Because he's an asshole.

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around a 10. Metaphysics

around a 10. Metaphysics says that anything is possible. Still believe that god's none-existence is a lot more possible though.

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Although I don't really

Although I don't really understand the scale, I would have to say that I am mostly a weak atheist. Having said that however, if god is defined as being the Christian god, I would call myself a strong atheist. I don't believe that the Christian god exists because everything that I know about it contradicts everything that I know about life, people, and the universe. But if some type of god were proven to me to exist, I would call myself simply a deist, because I don't think that any supernatural power interacts with us in any way.

Still, usually I can't call myself a strong atheist, because I don't deny the possibility of a supernatural being/power ever existing. Also, while I don't ever deny being an atheist, I usually am not very outspoken and I don't typically enjoy getting into heated debates with theists. That's not to say though that I don't enjoy proving them wrong. :)