Just some thoughts

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Just some thoughts

We athiest are evil.
We athiest are going to hell.
We athiest are the devil.
You know there right.

Doing good for a "god" is much more right than doing it for the good of others.

God is an all forgiving entitiy, so his followers must kill those who refuse to follow him.

Our religion teaches peace and happiness, so follow us or burn in hell.

The united states wasn't born on the princaple of religious freedom, what satanic thing did you read that from?

History books are evil because they teach that (see above) .

Our book is the word of god, its says so doesnt it, isnt that enough proof?

All other religions are false, because that old book says so, there books are evil.

Wow that proves that because we choose not to believe but make the world a better place not because of fear of hell but because we want to, we feel obligated to, that is what they call evil?

I refuse to believe in a god that says it is ok to kill in his name.

No more I say! No more blind sheep following a lie. Look inward and ask yourself, is this right? To punish people for not believing (even if they live there whole life doing good?)

I will no longer sit quitley while all these people follow a religion that is just a copy of so many others. Just a repeated mistake in history as I am conserned.

It is my fault if I do something bad, and I am responsible if I do something good. It is not the work of the "devil" or the work of "god" humans are responsible for what we do.

No more excuses, no more lies, lets make the world better before we die.

Religion feeds into intoloernce and racial prejudice. IF I looked deep enough into this book I could find a passage to support anything I do.

Until the church can unify itself I shall not believe.

And god if I am wrong strike me were I stand?

No I refuse, and if thats a sin so be it.

I say I am Athiest. I want peace,not religous war.

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you have very strong points,

you have very strong points, and the passion to follow.