Listening to a Christian broadcast

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Listening to a Christian broadcast

What it recommends to "save our kids from the enemy" (terrorists and atheists):

-Know what songs they're listening to
-Know who their friends are
-Know who their friends' parents are.
-Know their teachers
-Know their every move, their every thought, their every word.
-Block their access to EVERYTHING. Internet, TV, radio, NO NOTHING.
-Record stuff they want from the internet, TV, and radio. Watch it before letting them see it. Don't let them see anything you don't want them to see. Nothing not parent approved.
-No computers in their own room. No internet on cellphones.
-No thinking. Absolutely, positively, no thinking.

Okay, so I was joking about the last one. They didn't openly advocate it, they only implicitly advocated it.

Is it just me or is this more likely to make the kids resentful of their parents' motives? I mean shit, we've all seen those theists that shut their own mind to "satanic" messages. Wouldn't it be so much easier and more practical to teach them what not to look at or listen to, rather than not let them see it? Once they get out in the real world, they're gonna be in for a culture shock. Even if we assume their motives are good, would this behavior entrench Christianity or create resentment?

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oh, its not just you.i

oh, its not just you.
i think its parenting like this that makes kids lash out later on in life and end up with drinking problems.
i'm not even going to bother assuming their motives are good because its NOT good to close your child from the "evils" of the world, anyway. this just stunts development and makes them dependent people later on in life.