What if God is Real?

What if God is real? Well then alot of good people are spending an eternity burning in hell and alot of bad people will have the pleasures of heaven. Is this fair? Of course not. Is it right that the people who are in tribes in the jungle worshipping the sun should burn in hell if they haven't even heard of the Bible. I thought Christianity was supposed to be a just and fair religion. Why is it that when confronted about the fact that there is no proof that Christianity is more right than any other religion, Christians respond with faith. It sounds good, but faith is easy for the ignorant and hard for the skeptic. You can't logic faith. It is the belief in something not sensed. What if the Jesus was just a prophet. What if the Bible was just written by normal men speculating about philosophy? Well then Christians spent their lives worshipping something that doesn't exist. As long as they were happy that's great. But if God is real, then I burn in hell. Is this fair? Just because I choose not to accept what someone is saying is true without any good reasoning for it being true? Here is a quote from the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure":

Bill: "Jarg exists."
Ted: "What's Jarg?"
Bill: "It's unfathomable."
Ted: "So how do you know it exists?"
Bill: "It just does."
Ted: "I think you made Jarg up."
Bill: "Can you prove that?"

Now that might seem stupid but just reflect on it for a little and ask yourself how that relates to faith. It is not up to the athiest to disprove the Bible. It is up to the Christian to prove it. You don't declare a fact and then tell others to disprove it. You prove it first.

What if Allah is real and

What if Allah is real and you go to hell for being a Christian? to hell with all those nonsensical arguments (Pascal be damned!).

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Pascal's Wager, while may be

Pascal's Wager, while may be sensical has a major flaw which is that beliefs cannot be willed (or so I've discovered). I might want to believe that God exists but if all evidence points the other way, I just can't try to convince myself to.

And God would be able to

God would be able to tell the true believers from the "just in case" ones... Besides that, based on Pascal's wager we should believe every threat "just in case"...

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Right. But, to answer your


But, to answer your question: If God is real, we're all fucked. hahahaha