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The Nature of Man (in my humble opinion)

Okay my original post was much much longer. My stupid computer froze up so now I am just going to do a short summary of my thoughts.

The statement that instigated this train of thought was as follows: "There are no bad people, just good people who do bad things."

If people are not characterized by their actions, then what is it that makes a person what they are? People's actions are based on their beliefs, no matter how brief or minor those beliefs are held. When one performs an action, they believe it to be the right thing to do at that exact moment, whether or not they agree with it in reflection. At the time the action was performed, the person's beliefs and feelings had them do what it is they did. If people were characterized and judged by their thoughts rather than their actions, it would be a rather complex time. People's actions are a result of their thoughts. When I say thought, I am not speaking of premeditated actions. I mean that at that exact moment the person did what they thought they should.

The Power of Prayer

1) Prayer=wishful thinking. When one prays for results, they often put off their own responsibilities and hope that their "god" will take care of it for them. While you are praying for results, people are out there doing what is necessary to obtain those results. If people always simply prayed for results, we would never be able to find cures to disease and bad situations. Science is doing something about fixing the problems while you are simply praying for results to favor your cause. I always find it funny when a team prays for god to let them win because they deserve it. It is quite arrogant to assume that god should favor you over the other team. Instead of praying, try doing something about your problem.

Psychological/Psychiatric Analysis of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible

Psychological/Psychiatric Anaylysis of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible
Possible Psychological Disorders present in the Judeo-Christian God:
1.  Alzheimer's Disease - Alzheimer'd Disease (AD) is a type of dimentia that usually becomes present later in one's life. In approximately 20f the cases, the first noted symtoms are personality changes of either negative types such as apathy or withdrawal, or postive types such as agitation or suspiciousness. The common symptoms in all cases are gradual decline in memory and intellectual ability. Those afflicted do not have changes in personality from day to night, in what it is called "sundowner's syndrome."

What if God is Real?

What if God is real? Well then alot of good people are spending an eternity burning in hell and alot of bad people will have the pleasures of heaven. Is this fair? Of course not. Is it right that the people who are in tribes in the jungle worshipping the sun should burn in hell if they haven't even heard of the Bible. I thought Christianity was supposed to be a just and fair religion. Why is it that when confronted about the fact that there is no proof that Christianity is more right than any other religion, Christians respond with faith. It sounds good, but faith is easy for the ignorant and hard for the skeptic. You can't logic faith. It is the belief in something not sensed. What if the Jesus was just a prophet. What if the Bible was just written by normal men speculating about philosophy? Well then Christians spent their lives worshipping something that doesn't exist. As long as they were happy that's great. But if God is real, then I burn in hell. Is this fair? Just because I choose not to accept what someone is saying is true without any good reasoning for it being true? Here is a quote from the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure":

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