Extraterrestrial life

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Extraterrestrial life

[i]If[/i] there is a habitable planet sustaining another form of life, (which I think there is, considering the number of combinations of planets and stars there are in the universe) do these creatures experience human emotions? That is, if they are intelligent enough? (Not like microscopic organisms.) As I was reading [url=http://www.freethinkingteens.com/forum/freethinking_teens_community/freethinkers_debate/2215]this post,[/url] I started to consider it. They would have to, because for argument's sake, we cannot exist without emotions. They would probably have to experience pain, curiosity, and desire, right? What about love, anger, and sadness? And if there is intelligence that complex, there must be smaller, inferior organisms to sustain their ecosystem, maybe even plant life. Of course, evolution would have occurred differently for them because of the environment and other factors. Maybe there is more than one planet in a solar system that contains life. How crazy would it be if they could travel from planet to planet and survive the changes? I've also wondered if they would have some sort of religious connotation. Maybe that's just a human trait. What do you guys think about all of this?

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I agree with the majority of

I agree with the majority of your post... But I do believe in 'secret technology' to an extent... I do believe that the military has 'secret technology' - not way out of this world shit... but definitely newer tech that they do not release to the public (that is just common sense isn't it?)
- unless you were talking about secret alien tech... then no, I don't believe in it...