And so here we go

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And so here we go

I found this site and it says that the big bang theroy has no proof whatsoever and since it cant be proven then god must be real because everything comes from big problem were did god come from? read the article and give me your thoughts

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Same old arguments,

Same old arguments, different fundie. He's not throwing anything new in here. I've seen these arguments torn down several times. Theists really need to change their tired old bag of lies and deceit.

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the big bang has been

the big bang has been proven
the hubble telescope proves it

the furthest it can see is about 13.7 billion lightyears away. the reason it can't see further is because after that point, light can't reach us

the reason it can't reach us is that things that far away are travelling faster than the speed of light relative to us

Einstein's relativity says that's impossible. well, it is, if you see space as static (not moving)

what they've figured out is that space itself is expanding. not only that, it's accelerating

think of space like the surface of a balloon, being inflated; where things in the universe are restricted to the surface of the balloon

space ius like that, but with three dimensions

so we know space is expanding and accelerating. what does that tell us?
the big bang happened.