Rules for this forum!

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Rules for this forum!


Due to complaints of derailing and inability to discuss the heart of issues, we're asking (for now) that people post short back and forth conversations in here. This forum is similar to what you might expect in an IM, short and sweet. Keep in mind some people post long thoughts in IM, and we encourage that.

Please try your best to keep very brief posts out of the other forums especially, unless necessary!

Remember don't give too much personal information out!

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Cool. We have a game in the


We have a game in the general conversation (called the three words game). Is that still acceptable?

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I'll move it here. Mods,

I'll move it here.

Mods, other posts that need to be moved:

edit the starting post of a thread
use the pull down tab up top to change the forum it's in.

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Oh I thought you were

Oh I thought you were acttuely a thiest at first lol to learn the truth about theist see my thread named "Monkeys".