logic dosnt apply to my god

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logic dosnt apply to my god

When speaking with a Christian about a few paradoxes involving omnipotence (such as can god make a dildo so big it cant fit up even his ass)

About half way though he started saying that you cant apply logic to god.

I know it’s an insane argument; my response was something along the lines of "so if logic disagrees with your god you would sooner abandon rational thought than god?"

He responds by posting a few seemingly inapplicable biblical quotes and asks if I need any more proof.

I then said those were just arbitrary quotes that don’t relate to this conversation at all.

He didn’t respond

Anyway I got a bit off topic there

My question is, what do you say to someone when they claim their deity is beyond logic you can’t apply logic to my god or something of that nature?

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When they claim their deity

When they claim their deity is "beyond logic" or "beyond space or time" they are attempting to define their god in negative terms. "Not bound to logic" is a negative term and is therefore meaningless.

If I tell you that I have a block that is not metal, not cardboard, I'm defining it in negative terms. It's meaningless to say that it's not metal, I have to use a positive ontology before it becomes no longer meaningless. So if I say the block is made of wood, that's a positive term. To say "My block exists but is not metal" is parallel to saying "God exists but is not bound to logic".

You might be able to find some more on this here: