Crazy or normal?

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Crazy or normal?

I've been concerned about this issue for a long time and would love to hear other people's opinions on it.
I've heard numerous times people refer to others as 'crazy' - using it as a derogatory term to insult someone or to express themselves and their opinion.
I can't even count the amount of times I've been on a train or a bus, or on the street or at school, where someone is acting differently - extremely differently, and people point and laugh at them and call them 'crazy' or 'nuts' or 'retarded'. It's as if, to them, those people are not even the same species. Of course, they can't possibly admit that all humans are indeed just that - humans. The species should not be divided into sub sections in society based on what goes on in a persons' mind.
It seems to be an automatic reaction for many to see someone behaving differently and to judge them automatically, solely on that behaviour. Doubtless the behaviour is a bit odd, and WILL be judged - humans have somehow been created to work that way. But, if our minds work that way, why can we not condition ourselves to disassociate ourselves from belief of our first judgement? Why do we try to make ourselves seem more superior than those who minds do not work the same way as us? Are these people actually 'crazy' or are they like us but with gears that work through their minds in different rotations and in different patterns?

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Our sociolization makes us

Our sociolization makes us think and see things in the ways of mores, taboos, rights and wrongs, and everything considered outside of that normal contact- breaking those ways which we are grown up to be comfortable with, confuses us and can produce a negative reaction.

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Branching off from what was

Branching off from what was said above me, I think that it's also just a matter of laziness. People don't care to change because it takes too much time and energy. When a person is confined to a specific way of doing things (in this case, things they say and think), they feel comfortable in those confines. Changing would (like said above) confuse them and there would, of course, be the stubborn people who refuse to change their ways. Making ourselves feel superior to eachother in some ways is only natural. It would be ridiculous to think that people are not shallow in at least one way or another.
Another point to make would be that not everybody thinks the way that you are thinking here. They find nothing wrong with saying, "oh, he's just crazy" or "what a retard"; it's what they're used to saying and typically don't think anything about it. In a way, the people who you are pointing out, are just like those that they call "crazy"; their minds work differently than yours.

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Read that. Personally I think we are all a little crazy. The 'crazier' crowds tend to detach themselves from the social correctness. The actual mentally insane are the violent threats to themselves and others, or at least that's how I see it.

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You know, sometimes I

You know, sometimes I believe that I'm the only sane person alive. And that its the rest of the world that's insane.

Dose that make me crazy?

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Only if you tell other

Only if you tell other people