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Is Jesus calling you?

Look at my last blog as I clearly demonstrated that atheism is illogical. Also without a God there would be no laws of logic, objective moral standards, and no such thing as truth (it would have to be relative but is the statement that truth is relative an absolute one?)

The RRS has cleary demonstrated that the only reason they do not want to belief in a God is because than they could not live their life how they wanted.

But I assure you, after living a life for myself and than living for HIm my life is way better than I have ever imagined.

The RRS does not what you to have the joy that comes with a relationship with Jesus Christ. That is why they deny the historical fact of the ressurection and want everybody to be like them. This is the same as a person who does drugs (believe me I was one of them) as the person trys to get all his friends involved in drugs. (Believe me) This person unconsiously is trying to make them feel as miserable as they feel. So in the same way is the RRS. Ask yourself why the RRS is trying so hard to take people away from their faith.

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Proof of God in fine tuning

Examples of Fine Tuning in the Universe:
1.strong nuclear force constant
if larger: no hydrogen would form; atomic nuclei for most life-essential elements would be unstable; thus, no life chemistry
if smaller: no elements heavier than hydrogen would form: again, no life chemistry
2.weak nuclear force constant
if larger: too much hydrogen would convert to helium in big bang; hence, stars would convert too much matter into heavy elements making life chemistry impossible
if smaller: too little helium would be produced from big bang; hence, stars would convert too little matter into heavy elements making life chemistry impossible

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What evidence will convince you?

IF you've ever watched William Lane Craig debate atheists you will realize that the only valid argument against God's existence is that there is not enough evidence. Now I want to ask atheists a question, what type of evience would you need to convince you that God is real?

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How Christianity Stands out When looking at evidences ect.

A lot of sceptics push aside the phenomena of Christianity by claiming that there are tons of religions. Here are some reasons why Christianity sticks out.

First of all if you were creating a god based on observing the world around you would you create a god who is perfect, loving, and all knowing? NO you would create an imperfect god based on human characteristics based on the observable world. This is what all other gods accept for the God of Judaism and Christianity. Than you look at any way that a Holy book could be tested to see if it is from God. This is also done with prophecy. 500 + prophecies prophesy of future events in history, of Jesus death, His exact date of death, and many other things such as Israel becoming a nation and never disbanding into obscurity (Israel became a nation in 1948) Many of these prophecies are coming true now (such as people in the last days will not worship God, will love only pleasure, and that there will be more earthquakes and wars than ever before.) Also the bible tells in Job that the earth hangs on nothing. (This was the time when it was thought that the earth was on the back of a turtle.) The bible also tells about how the earth is a sphere and that space is expanding. Also every single archaeological find that has to do with the bible has complimented the historicity of it. Every single discovery! They have found the high priest who crucified Jesus' grave! They have found the well that the lame man sat at! There are 29 non-Christian sources that tell about Jesus and says that He was crucified and that the disciples belief He is the Christ.

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Apologetics please read and comment or send me email!

Loving God, when he millions of kids die everyday in Africa No way? That’s depending if you don't believe in an afterlife.
A loving God would never send someone to hell! A loving God gave you a chance to be saved. God does not send you to hell sin sends you to hell.
If there is so much evil in the world that means that there is no God. Why would a loving God create robots to serve his whim? He gave us free will. If I gave you 10 bucks than made you spend it on what I wanted to, would you really completely own the money in the first place?
Also if God wanted us to love so much than doesn't that mean that we could potentially have such a potential for great evil?

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Athiests and Theists Unite

For anyone who's reading this, yes I am a Christian. I'm not going to force God's way of living down your throat like the fundies who should read what it says about love in the bible but I am not a liberal Christian either. I'm an evangelical Christian. Feel free to debate me or send me questions or concerns my only hope is that people of different beliefs do not have to hate eachother because in my opinion its a form of racism. Peace Shalom and feel free to email me at [email protected] or check out my youtube account Timinator15.

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