Question about jesus' existence

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Theist vs. Atheist on the existence of Jesus Christ

Jesus existed because I have faith he existed vs. -faith is irrational and one can't use faith to prove empirical evidence

Jesus Christ existed because the bible said he existed vs. -the bible was written 30-40 years after his supposed existence
-It had no other resources to support it

There were four main historians that have evidence of his existence


-Josepheus, Tacitus, Seutonius, Pliny the Younger
-All of these sources were written later than 95 AD
-Josepheus- had interpolations in it (meaning another source put in information that wasn't his words)
-Tacitus, Seutonius and Pliny the Younger didn't refer specifically to the person in question. They use either only Jesus or only Christ

1. Can someone give me the specifics on what specifically theists cite from the texts of the historians?
2. Are there any more sources theists cite to prove Jesus existed?

thanks in advance