Once Upon a Time

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How can the innocent die young while the corrupt live so long? How can a precious life be snuffed out without the blinking of an eye, the shedding of a tear? How can we turn our backs, pretending it doesn't happen...when it does? How can we ignore the silent crys, the silent pleas for life, for destiny? There is a generation that never had the chance to live. A generation who never even saw the light of day, the hope of morning. Why have we let them go? Why have we closed our eyes to this injustice?

Once upon a time the innocent had a hope

It hoped to see her soon,

It dreamed of what it must be like to play with her,

Sing with her, hug her.

It could only begin to imagine how happy

The day would be

When they finally meet,

Face to face, heart to heart.

Life would never be better than the day

It laid eyes on her beautiful face.

Every morning it awoke to her gentle voice,

It heard her soothing laughter.

But then the serenity was broken.

That gentle voice became tense with anger

Taut with fear.

Shouts echoed in its young ears as it heard her weeping,

Felt her shaking.

"What's wrong mommy?" the innocent wanted to ask, but it couldn't.

Then the gentle voice was gone, the joy could never be...

"But why mommy?"

A thousand thoughts filled its mind.

Could life never be?

Was I not meant to be?

PSALMS 139:13-
For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb.

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Sanctity of life does not

Sanctity of life does not exist. It is all self-interest bullshit. You want to believe life is sacred because you are living. It is just one of the things you tell yourself to feel noble. If everyone before you died, and everyone you know is going to die, where does the sanctity of life come into play? You certainly don't practice the sanctity of life.

Why aren't miscarriages given funerals?

Why aren't fetuses counted by the census?

Why don't you give a shit about these precious pieces of life after they leave the womb?

Maybe you're afraid of women. If you think a fetus is more important than a woman then maybe you should have a fetus scrub the shit stains out of your underwear for no pay. I don't see you volunteering to have black fetuses transplanted into your uterus. I don't see you adopting any crack babies.

Life begins at fertilization? One in six fertilized eggs naturally results in miscarriage, some of which are reabsorbed by the body and the woman is not aware she's been pregnant. So any woman that has had more than one period is a serial killer?

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God Is Love

I believe your accusations against me are unjust and illogical. I never once [i]condemned [/i]a woman for being pressured into that choice. I certainly do not agree with abortion because everyone deserves the chance to live. It is no man's right to take away the life of another. Miscarriage cannot be prevented. Abortion can...it's that simple. Why would you consider me "afraid of women"?
One question, when did I say I didn't care about children after they left the womb?
I certainly do! I care that the aborted fetuses end up in garbage dumps, forgotten. I care that their lives have been snuffed out unjustly. I care that no one else seems to care!
I'm not sure I follow the "sanctity of life" argument, could you please clarify exactly how [i]I personally[/i] don't practice it? You don't know me, so how you can make such generalizations about my character.

~Living 4 Him with No Regrets
He loves you no matter how much you don't want to hear it.

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i believe what he meant by

i believe what he meant by you not caring about the fetuses after they've left the womb was that you (as is typical with most anti-choice people) are so concerned with the "life" of the "child" when its still in the woman's womb, but as soon as the baby is born, to hell with it. its not provided healthcare by the government immediately (the parents are expected to pay for and provide it although the parents could be dirt poor, but hey, who cares, right?), and the woman is not provided with post-natal care. not just that, but the incredible injustices that every person faces throughout their lives done unto them by religion and its effects. i hear a lot of anti-choice people argue that "what if that fetus is the person who discovers a cure for blahblahblah??" well, the same applies to it with the question, "what if that fetus will be humankind's downfall??" think about why you don't believe that a woman should be able to choose whether or not she keeps an unborn fetus: is it because of your "morals" or because of your religion? and i dont want to hear the argument that your morals come from your religion. if you had not been taught christianity, i'm 100% certain that you would still know and hold values of your own.

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I agree that the struggle

I agree that the struggle some women are subjected may at times be unjust in that our government should be doing something more to help them stand in their choice to keep the child. Yet I know many organizations who are willing to provide free medical care, clothing, and counselling, among other things, for the mother and her child.
I have never heard the argument about the child being someone who will make a great or horrible impact on the world, but I agree it is irrelevant. The issue here is 'Is it fair and morally right to take another humans life simply because they are an inconveniance or an unwanted "mistake"' It isn't. Morally we know it is wrong to kill... yet how is abortion different? No matter how you look at it, you are killing a human before it had the chance to live. I don't see how this can be justified.
~John 10:10
"The thief (satan) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I (Jesus Christ) have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

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You have no interest in

You have no interest in these human beings after they are born. No daycare, no health care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no nothing. If you're pre-born you're fine, if your preschool you're fucked. The only time you give a shit is when they are the ripe military age. Then you are to fight for your country.

You are anti-woman. You're afraid of women and you don't like them. You think women's primary role is to be a brood mare for the state.

The miscarriage argument was to show that fetuses are only treated as human beings when a woman decides she doesn't want to spend 9 months giving birth to something she never wanted. All part of that women having their own opinions dilemma. When I hear you have experienced your first pregnancies and labor pains and raised a couple children on minimum wage, I'll be glad to hear what you have to say about abortion.

You want to know how you don't practice the sanctity of life? Well let me ask you, do you eat meat? That's killing animals. Do you kill bugs, mosquitoes, and other various 'pests?' Viruses, molds, worms, cancer cells, bacteria, crabs; nothing sacred about those things, just us. The sanctity of life is a selective thing. We get to choose what we get to kill and what gets to live. Hell, we even have things as the death penalty. Where is the sacred life there? Where do I get that you don't personally practice sanctity of life? Well for starters, no one does. We made it up. It doesn't exist. Living people have a strong incentive to promote the idea that somehow life is sacred.

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Think of this to put it in

Think of this to put it in perspective. A human embryo is a collection of 100 cells. A single fly's brain has over 100 times this many cells. That embryo does not have a brain, nor even a nerve or synapse. It is not sentient, it is not conscious, aware, perceptive, thinking, or human beyond the sense that it is made from human genetic material. It does not have a nervous system, it cannot feel pain. It is not alive. But you put this collection of genetic material before a truly living, thinking, and feeling human being? Where IS your so called sanctity of life? You would make a human suffer, so that a collection of cells could have the [i]possibility[/i] to possibly be born? And you think to call us immoral? Maybe you should think about what you are actually saying before you try to pass moral judgment. Or maybe you should give up your idiotic morals and live an ethical life.

abortion can be a good

abortion can be a good think, almost never, but in some cases. when a 12 year old gets raped and is no pregnant, does she want to have that baby? is she physically ready to deliver a baby at such a young age? NO, she is not. In that case abortion, in my opinion is ok. I don't think it is ok in most other cases but in some it is a hard choice but the only choice.