My view on christian relegion

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For all christians, the death of one is a tragedy and the death of a million is just a statistic. The christian nation is going to sit here a thousand years after jesus christ died on the cross and say how terrible their lord died by such evil hands and all were punished for that day, yet they can go on see the deaths of hundreds of soldiers in Iraq and just say "that's terrible" and continue eating their suppers and serving a god that is of their own minds. It's a god they have made up, a god of their own liking and a god who will never see them feeling on children, a god who will not see or hear their evil thoughts, a god who will not recognize the wrongs they do. I refuse to beleive to be a slave to this hypocrit way of life. This relegion is the bread that you force your children to eat and bribe them with the gift of forgiveness. And when you die, you will weep and wish you had done more with your life. Then again, I guess sitting in church for an hour listening to your man made god preach of stories from the bible rather than preaching on how you should live your life will grant you a ticket into heaven. If the preacher did in fact tell the brothers and sisters of the congregation what he or she was doing wrong, how long do you think they would stay around? Not very long at all. Christians are scared of the truth. They make beleive that all their sins will be forgiven as long as they follow christ, sadly very few even follow the words in black and red. They edit out text where Jesus contradicts himself and the add exaggerations in to make up for their shortcomings.

[b]You do not know me. You never will. Do not ever judge me. [/b]

You have not seen the things I have, nor in your wildest dreams will you ever. Have you ever seen true pain? Of the mental state? Not the physical. And from this pain, have you gathered the strength of a thousand men? Let your Satan tempt you and you will fail. You will all fail. Let your wife leave you and your children commit suicide. You will turn your back on your god as I have.

If I came to your church you would never accept me for me. I would question your morals and call you for what you truly are: [i]a liar and the truth is not in you[/i]. Jesus said "go into your closet and pray and I will reward you openly," but you all ultimately disobey your father and break your commandments on a daily bases. You force your beleifs onto others and harm your fathers children. Going onto what was also said in the bible, " Who unto he that would offend one of my little ones, for it would be better that a millstone be put around his neck and be cast out to the deepest part of the ocean." Christians can be put into place by their own relegious book.

Do not provoke me with your beleifs. Do not judge me. And how can you see your relegion is the only relgion when so many others would die for theirs? Would you fall for your Lord? Would you feel the heat of hell for an hour a day if granted the key to heaven? You would not.

Christian oppression of relegion sickens me. All relgions are simply fairey tales. Nothing less, nothing more. The beleifs of a Christian are none other than those of a mental patient, the only differance is the mental patient stands alone in his beleifs, meanwhile the christian has many. Just as Peter denied Christ 3 times before the rooster crowed, so would you....

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