Me the lifelong atheist

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I've been an athiest my whole life. I come from a family of non-practicing jews and I was never pressured into taking up any kind of religion at all. Being left to my own devices, I rejected the notion of there being a Santa Claus on the simple basis that there is no acutal evidence that such a character could actually exist. I realized shortly thereafter that God couldn't exist for the exact same reason - a gigantic hole where the evidence should be.

Instead, as the years went by, I found evidence to support that God doesn't exist. News articles about evolution and how scientists have further explored the link between man and ape, as well as the undeniable proof that dinosaurs existed, only debunked any argument for creation. Also, the evidence that, heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality are now genetic traits conflicts with the idea of creation. Why would God create people who would be damned to Hell right from birth?

The final nail in the coffin came a few years ago when it came to light that an alarming number of Catholic priests were molesting young boys, a clear violation of the celibacy vow all Catholic priests take, and that they were being protected by their "superior officers," and not being thrown in jail. Around the same time I had learned about how Islamic extremists would stone a woman to death for accusing a man of rape if she could not produce enough male witnesses. All of this information convinced me that each religion was nothing more then a set of unfair and outdated rules, menant simply to force it's followers into unquestioning compliance. Why would I comply fully with an unfair religion? I can't even bring myself to comply fully with the government, and they're fair at least some of the time.

Yeah, so that's pretty much it. When I'm not slamming religion I'm listening to music, hanging out with my friends, playing videogames, watching anime, or ::coughs:: working ::coughs:: Also I'm not a teen anymore. I hope nobody labels me as a pervert but I joined because I recently discovered the Rational Response Squad and I was amazed at how many people shared similar views to me. That's it for now. Peace. Out.

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Welcome to freethinkingteens

Welcome to freethinkingteens and I don't think there's a reason to label you as a pervert.

Hope to read more blogs from you. :)

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Thanks, I feel welcomed. I

Thanks, I feel welcomed. I didn't think I'd get a response so soon. More will definately come in the foreseeable future.

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Yeah, Noor and I have been

Yeah, Noor and I have been the only ones posting stuff lately. I'm sure that a few members are traveling for new year's, though.

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Welcome to the club I've

Welcome to the club I've almost always been an atheist. I remember believing in a God at a young age, and i actually stopped believing in God before Santa by half a year or so.