Listening but not listened to

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The other day I sat down and listened to my friend. She's a Christian. I listen to her views on God and whatnot. It's crazy. She "sings" to god everyday. She says she has conversations with him. I believe she is borderline crazy but that is not the point.

I sat down and listen to her. When it came to be my turn to explain my beliefs and my views she just turned the other cheek. I know not all people are like this. Maybe she thinks I'm going to poison her belief system or she's afraid to know what might one day be the truth. *Shrugs*

I'd like for my friends to actually sit down and listen to my beliefs one day.

I do it for them. It's the least they could do.

Maybe one day.

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Won't happen. Anything that

Won't happen. Anything that denies the existence of God is satanic or classifies you as a heretic. Christians use the whole close-minded system in their religion, so it's no suprise that they wouldn't actually LISTEN to another point of view. Just find some friends who don't believe in god, and they will most likely listen.