wtf is a lable really? jus a reason not to like sum1? STOP LABLES THEY EFFIN SUCK! IM ME N ONLI ME!!! i act like my own unique leave me the hell alone!! n dont call me emo or country or skater or w.e

A label as defined in the

A label as defined in the dictionary is a short word or phrase descriptive of a person, group, intellectual movement, etc. If you are so against labels why do you list yourself as a Christian on your myspace profile? Or for that matter listing yourself as "straight" or an "aries."

Here's another word...
Hypocrisy: the act of pretending to have beliefs, virtues and feelings that one does not truly possess.

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Labels are fine for defining

Labels are fine for defining to others in a simple and concise manner some aspect of what you believe or are like. Labels of course are often too broad to truly present what your own personal take on things are, but they help people to determine vaguely where people are on certain ideas, issues, lifestyles, etc.

Labelling is only a problem when labels are used to divide people. There's nothing inherently wrong with labelling, only how people react to and judge people of certain 'labels'.

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i agree with you , i dont

i agree with you , i dont personally get off on labeling myself but i also think you have to have it.

labeling in people is just about trying to find similar personality traits that you share. it makes it easier to find people that share the same interests and views as you..

your never gona be truely individual if you try it through fashion or any other medium like that becuase the design of such things has a base which soley cant be changed for instance clothes have a neck hole and two sleeves, your always gonna have them becuase they serve a basic purpose , and besides you dont really have "freedom of choice" with your fashion you just have a freedom of how to arrange whats your given by the fashion industry. but i think its our thoughts and ability to design a sustainble future and our creativity that stretches out into the unknown that is individual and actualy the benifical side of labelingand comes from meeting people through being called " emo " "punk" "Chav".

but sure you are you , i am me but i think its our ideas that come out being able to find each other through labeling that really makes it worth it.

sure you get alot of hatred but that comes from human nature , which i would like to say " i want to evolve " but its only becuase we are competing agianst each other. which makes no sense becuase we are top of the food chain now. change peoples perception of competition and its uselessness then im sure you would get rid of this hatred and false identity that competition so wrongly gave status to many people with.

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I label this some of the

I label this some of the worst spelling I've ever seen. It gives me the impression that you don't put as much effort into such basic things as you ought, and the forced abbreviations seem to want to give that impression very strongly. I label my way of writing as forced intellectualism. It shows that I take myself way too seriously, and spend way too much time thinking. Labels are useful things, they can tell you a lot about a person. It's when they become divisive that problems arise. And not necessarily even then, because they can simply serve as prerequisites for liking or not liking someone, based on certain characteristics which you either esteem or don't esteem.

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At first I honestly believed

At first I honestly believed this to be a prank, but after viewing this horribly unique person's myspace (Sarcasm, did you notice?) I came to the conclusion that this is the reason why doesn't god exist. 'I wish people wouldn't judge me, even though I judge every person I come in contact with!'