Im caught up in........ COMMERCE and RELIGION

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Im caught up in:


In a world that trades currency that is of perceived worth , not actual value, a world were wealth is retained in “banks” , “holes in the walls” and distributed electronically for countless miles yet it hardly travels a breath when the idea of worth seeps longer down into this, our “sacred“ inheritance , the one we don’t question as to why?

In a world where the distinction between the “ethics” of business and entrepreneurialism are cut so thin in reality it is a choice of words that distinguish the difference of both to the common man.

Yet isn’t it entrepreneurial to prey on the weak? And financially ruin a man who is the same as any other man just down on his luck ina system of what once was a great system of knowledge, and that grew wealthy through all it shared, and we mammals are president to the evidence of that today, but nowadays instead of that we have in place a system of hierarchy and retained knowledge…

There is no distinction between both entrepreneurialism and business ethics, they both capitalise on loss, only to be lost again in the cycle that to me is known as the perceived functionality of economics.

Im caught up in a place where economics rules out reason, and reason to help each other.

Im caught up in:


Between religious systems that harbour at their heart morals, but the vehicle that carries them is no longer relevant to the journey, and needs to be re-designed to make full potential of the human journey, As why would God or Allah create a place where I and you have to take a life force in order to continue existing?

We need to lose our religions, shed them and have faith in the creativity of every man , woman and child to build a place where money no longer governs our decision whether to or not help each other, and where it no longer governs what statues of art , song , music we wish to resonate within our era of reason , and no longer governs the creativity of all the matter we can and are able to shape in the universe ,ultimately that it no longer hinders the sculpture of our souls and society.

I have faith in , and believe in , every man and his skill.

I wish for:

The establishment of a society , a country , even if it be at first , a place free from Commerce , religion , a place where artists and creative’s design and build the architecture of a city and a culture in which philosophers and scientists and that of every man dedicated to the next can exist and flourish in the wealth of knowledge and the creativity and beauty of the human soul and its physical outlets, everyone for everyone with their own skill , be it academic or not, it is valued, and everyone that does their fair share in what needs to be done and individual merit is seen lesser to the merit of contributing to each other and working together with our skills and passions undivided for our culture.

In the creation of a truly memorable era in human history.

Far from the politicians and industrialists and the inheritance of a mind set, that we can so easily choose not to recognise anymore as its ignorance ignores the fundamental problems of our species situation.

Humans never stopped evolving and never will.
and its time we all got together and changed it.