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Im caught up in........ COMMERCE and RELIGION

Im caught up in:


In a world that trades currency that is of perceived worth , not actual value, a world were wealth is retained in “banks” , “holes in the walls” and distributed electronically for countless miles yet it hardly travels a breath when the idea of worth seeps longer down into this, our “sacred“ inheritance , the one we don’t question as to why?

In a world where the distinction between the “ethics” of business and entrepreneurialism are cut so thin in reality it is a choice of words that distinguish the difference of both to the common man.

Yet isn’t it entrepreneurial to prey on the weak? And financially ruin a man who is the same as any other man just down on his luck ina system of what once was a great system of knowledge, and that grew wealthy through all it shared, and we mammals are president to the evidence of that today, but nowadays instead of that we have in place a system of hierarchy and retained knowledge…

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