Hello Everyone.

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As you can guess, I'm new.
Yeahh.. Fresh meat. Lol. :D
Obviously I'm Atheist.
Never believed in God, Never will.
Bahaha. The idea of a "god" is crazy in my opinion.
If he loved his children he wouldn't let shit happen.

Ok, I'm done.

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Welcome to the message

Welcome to the message board, Giddish.

Yup, there are a lot of people that still believe in that stuff.

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Evidence for God

Believe in God is not crazy what do you suppose ignited the spark of the universe? If you take the big bang theory (which is based on the fact that Hubble discovered that our Universe is always expanding) than the universe started at a singularity. But I ask you, where did that singularity come from? Its against all rationality that it came from nothing which in essence is what you must believe if you are a naturalist. But how could nothing create mathematical formulas, complex organisms, and even give off the essential spark that is need in order for matter to come from life? Its because there was a supernatural start to the universe, there has to be. Wouldn't one of the gods worshiped by men give at least some way of showing himself within his holy book? God did within prophecies. Prophesies predicating historical events.
Prophesies predicting a saviour http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/messiah.htm.
He also gave us archaeological evidence (dead sea scrolls and others) that prove the dates of the Old Testament as before the birth of the saviour.
No other holy book can match up to this and if you study the historicity of the bible you will find that everything it prophesies comes true (a odd that is less than 10 to the power of 50 which means that it has to have had a supernatural cause as its scientifically impossible.) There are over 600 prophecies in the bible, and all come true. Archaeological digs discovered 25,000 New Testament documents that were written in different languages and more are older than 200 A.d. Christianity is based on a religious fact not a tradition. Within no other holy books will you find this historicity. Than there’s also a huge gap to explain why this Christianity thing just exploded throughout the earth and the timid disciples turned into people who were willing to die based on one historical event! You see my friend God has given enough evidence so that whoever wants to seek him out will find him.
Its because of humans free will that God had to give us because of his love (forced love= rape). With a great capacity to love leaves room for a great capacity for evil too. Read my other post (the one below this) for more.

Welcome to FreeThinking

Welcome to FreeThinking Teens.