God bless atheism!

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I was sitting in a coffee-bar the other day, when old lady came by and started talking to me about how turning into a religious person changed her entire life and how she regrets her life before (resp. - her life with out god) I wasn't really listening to her, so all I heard was something like this: "blah, blah, god, blah, blah, Jesus, blah..." Then she gave me some kind of brochures and invited me to go to a sermon of one Brazilian preacher who had been baptized by the Holy Ghost himself. I guess it's something "wow!" in christian world. But that's not the point. She was old and dumb so I promised her to be there just to get rid of her.

Ok, I understand. Christianity is interested to control every single one of us. And it's easier to control somebody you know. And there is nobody you know better than a person you have made by yourself. The morality of a religious man is based on dogmas so that it would be easier to control them,  and the fact that they tell everybody the bullshit they believe in is actually pretty normal. But then again - Why a person who believes in Santa Claus with all his might doesn't go  keeping up propaganda that there actually is a man who goes from house to house  every Christmas giving children presents. Sorry if I'm wrong, but I have never seen one.

So, the thing I wanned to say with all this is I wanned to hear your opinion. How do they get people to become so stupid so that they can't even say a single sentence with out using words "Gods will" in it.Where is the border when a person from religious idiot turns into a schizophrenic fanatic and is there something we can do about it?


Thank you.


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this kinda thing happens to

this kinda thing happens to me all the time, i live in a VERY religious area so i deal with the religious nuts all the time. i usually deal with them in the same way but i tell them that when i did follow religion and when i stopped i felt no different it should not matter.