Listen up.

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Listen up.

I was just minding my own business, just checking messages on myspace. Then some dude sends me a message and this is what it said:

"[b]hey man, would you like to defend your worldview on a christian radio show? check out , to hear free mp3s of the show, check out

in Jesus,
Devin T. Murphy "[/b]

I responded with...

[b]"I don't need to defend them.

In reality,
Infidel Boy"[/b]

Then I logged back in and he responded to my message. This time he said:

[b]"haha the more intelligent atheists dont even support those kids

unchained radio has actually critiqued one of the RRS "christian interventions"

consider going on the show, and dont put your faith in the RRS, i hope you listen to some of the discussions that gene (the host of UR) has had with many of the RRS followers

in reality,
Devin T. Murphy"[/b]

Then he told me, [b]"i know all about the RRS, their stickam chat, all that, i listen to them, IG, the bible geek, hellbound allie, all of them

if you are so sure of your faith, why dont ya listen to some of your atheist buddies debate a silly fundy?"[/b]

Notice that he said "your faith".

He told me that he would not respond to my messages unless I agree (which I did) to come on his show and debate this guy. >>>

And if you want to see the guy that sent me the message, here's his myspace>>>

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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Like the site design. This

Like the site design.

This guy seems to have more balls than any other fundagelical out there. I don't get his beef with the RRS, but he probably has a better reason than any faith- based argument. Seems smart enough to know the ignorance inherent in that.