Problem With Double Posts.

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Problem With Double Posts.

Hello friends of the FTT forums. It has become increasingly popular to preform double posts. This does three things.

  • Increases the chaos of the forum
  • Causes an overflow of pages that are not needed
  • Creates a problem with post whoring

Simply, this problem can be avoided by the following steps.

  1. Instead of posting a second rebuttle, include it in the first. Use the "quote" button then copy its source into a notepad document. use as many quotes as you want.
  2. If you want to add content take advantage of the "edit" button, it is designed specifically for such things.
  3. Lastley, if you are posting un-meaningful post, STOP! think, does this post add to the content of the topic for which i am posting? If not, think of something meaningful to say, we are, of course rational minds here, right?