how to really help the Environment

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how to really help the Environment

I dont beleive in god or anything like that, to me religion is a pillar we lean on when things get tough, truth is we create problems for ourselves, so if business counter balances religion and vice versa.

[b]take / giving[/b]
Just like yin and yang.
Then i would rather have faith and beleif in human creativity and not rely on a promise.

My point or start is the fact that humans produce far to much that does not need producing ,sure in society this is seen as entreprenuerial but does most of what we make and produce add to our base of knowledge and better the human understanding of life?

Now im not arguing that the proccessing does not add to our knowledge but at the cost to a society that plans its solutions based on commerce and economics, its difficult to get a real solution in being able to deal with the after effects of the things we cannot afford to counter, becuase of proccessing we dont truly need, rite now we are limiting ourselves.

Bill Hicks once said somthing along the lines of " we dont just stop evolving because weve got our thumbs"

This is true.

To me because im a "real" comunist to help the environment i would get rid of commerce, boarders and religion to an extent , people can believe what they want as long as religion doesnt try and establish itself politicaly and hinder athiests working.
many people think if we were comunist everyone would be wearing " grey " so to speak , an awful lot of people think we would go backwards when infact we would go forwards becuase advancments in medacine , sustainibility , science , religion to an extent would not be limited by money or religious beliefs or a world system based on academic merit and hierachy in my opinion.
we need everyones skills to make it work and a world designed by artist and creative minds would work far more better that the one today hindered by academics and hierachy which in truth is just retained wealth, but we do need academics.

[b]to help the environment we just need to stop limiting ourselves with religion and money.[/b]

i know my views are questionable and not everything might apear so clear at first but you can only write so much ,its just like planting a seed so i understand if i get alot of questions.

but if your a hotheaded teenager who thinks he knows everything and is just out to ridicule just dont bother replying ok,

im just here to sort it all out with everyone else in a civil manner ok.

cheers for reading


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You really didn't support

You really didn't support your point very well. As a matter of fact, you didn't support it at all. You just kinda moralized a little. What you said had nothing to do with the environment, you didn't link problems in the environment to problems of religion or money, and then you said to help the environment we need to stop limiting ourselves with religion and money. Belief without evidence is faith. I figured on an atheist forum I'd find people that were a bit above that mistake.

Money is a medium of exchange and store of value. No matter what, you'll always have money. You can burn every dollar ever printed, people would trade gold and silver instead. You can destroy all the gold and silver, and people will find other portable, valuable, exchangeable goods to use as money. One of the most easily refuted ideas of communism is abolition of money because it rests on false assumptions about money and what it is. And in the absence of money there cannot be prices and without prices economic calculation is impossible and without economic calculation you end up overconsuming things that are hard to make but everybody wants and underconsuming things that are easy to make that fewer people want resulting in a lower standard of living, if you assume you can even sustain any standard of living above subsistence farming. You can take everything from everyone and give it to everyone equally. Some people want more eggs, some people want more gold. When people discover this, they'll find that gold has value for trade, and once it's use becomes widespread, you'll have money.

Also, capitalize and such a bit better. It'll help your credibility if you look like you took care when typing your message to make it look presentable.