Hollywood brings you good news?

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Hollywood brings you good news?

Comming to a theatre near you, in the wake of the Mel Gibson boone for Christian sales Hollywood brings you another 2 hour comercial for Christianity.

"Nativity Story" is PG 13 and hitting theatres soon.

The tease trailer calls it a "story of hope for humanity"

What a bunch of bunk! Christianity like Islam and Jewdaoism self serving and cheerleading for its own. There is no "hope" for humanity when these groups continue to say, "If only 6 billion people would follow my god".

I am so sick of people ignoring the divisive nature of religion continually painting it as pretty and kind when today's world clearly shows that not to be the case. Christians fight for political control via vote in the west still intent on the same global domination of their religion.

My question to these film makers and to the followers of Christianity is, "Hope for who?"

All? Hardly.

This is pandering so movie makers can make money and the sheep will eat it up. But, after the applause and the dumping of the empty popcorn bucket on the theatre floor, their warm fuzzy feelings wont solve the worlds problems.

So this is what it comes to. My diety has a big red "S" and a cape and you insist on your superhero in the sky being the savior of the species. I hope you make a ton of money Hollywood, I really do. I'll take capitalism over religion any day.

Please tell me how the hell this is any different than Islam? You dont blow things up? Your deity died for our sins?

I dont care. Both factions of these competing super hero gangs want the same thing. They both want the 6 billion people on the face of the planet to submitt to their super hero.

This new film is just another example of how much humanity has it's head stuck in the sand. It is more important to prop up mythology and stroke one's ego than it is to actually get allong with those different than you.

So, when you pay that 40 bucks for your family of four and you tell your kids about the "true meaning" you are just wallowing in the same sand as any other religion and humanity will end up as that empty bucket on the floor.

Why, because just like Muslims, Christians and many other religious people, it is more important to you to pat yourselves on the back and cheerlead for your favorite team. You have absolutly no consideration for even those within your religion who want no part of your sky daddy war.

Have your comercial. I hope those movie makers make a ton of dough off sheep like you. A fool and their money are soon parted.

Harsh? Absoulty, with the track record of human behaivor on this planet it sickens me that a 2 hour comercial and pep rally at a movie theatre for your favorite club is more important than recognizing that 6 billion people WILL NOT BE A CLONE OF YOU!

You have the same "hope" for humanity that Muslims do. I "HOPE MY TEAM WINS". I hope both clubs grow out of it before it is too late for all of humanity.

Nice propaganda Hollywood, but it doesnt fool me.

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very true the same pattern

very true
the same pattern can be found with 9/11 movies, the passion of the jeebus, and brokeback mountain

they're not making movies with any sort of sympathy toward the people involved in the story, they're doing it to make a buck, and with Jeebus's help it's easy to make a few million bucks.