they will let anyone on the internet

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they will let anyone on the internet

i thought fundys had the most convoluted world view until i saw this guy

heres a link to his youtube profile.

let me just tell you a few of the notions he promotes.

all non-whites decend from reptilian aliens and whites are the only real humans.

he also belives somethign about nordic aliens which i cant quite grasp but i think he likes them or something like that, i guess his level of stupidity is too much for me to grasp.

hes both a racist and an idiot(although the two do come together alot)

he also thinks that hitler is still alive. (even though he would be somewhere between 115 and 120 years old by now)

hitler would be ashamed of this (cant think of an explitive intense enough for him)

watch his videos and laugh your ass off while simultaniously being discusted.

Unfortunitly he took down his reptilian aliens videos today or yesterday