what would it take to make u belive in a god

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what would it take to make u belive in a god

for me it would be dieing and then seeing some afterlife(though i might think its just a dream).

i would be partialy convinced if there was some wide scale mericle like nobody dieng for 1 day. if that happened i guess i would become a deist

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Some hard, scientific

Some hard, scientific proof.
An answer as to why he could never answer my (and all other skeptics throughout the ages) questions himself, instead of using theologians.
An clear answer to all the contradictions about him (i.e. he is all-powerful, but doesn't have any choice but to exist.)
An answer as to how he doesn't fit into logic and reason.
An rational answer to every single contradiction, fault, false prophecy, error, in the bible (and other holy books)
A reason why religion causes so many problems in the world.
An answer why he damns atheists when he himself doesn't believe in any one higher than him.
Etc. etc. (I could go on and on with my questions for him.)

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Frankly, with something as

Frankly, with something as silly and outrageous as God, I would need to see it myself. Maybe not even then. I have heard that things such as Near Death Experiences, being capital because they pertain to spiritual experiences, are just delusions induced by the brain to keep you calm before death. Surprisingly, such a thing is testable, because countless numbers of people (somebody might have counted this, I just said that to express that it is a lot) who go into that pod- thing that spins around and prepares you to be an astronaut, CLAIM to have had a Near Death experience even though they could not actually die. Seems to point to the fact that this is a biological reaction triggered by sensing impending death.

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I'm actually quite leanient

I'm actually quite leanient around here. Three things will convince me-

1) God walking into the room (when clearly my mind isnt playing tricks on me) and say, "Hey, what's up?"
2) Good, solid proof and evidence that a God does exist.
3) And, this is quite lenient on my part, if God cannot be proven to exist, than the idea that believing in a god is better than not believing in one. And I'm not talking about that crappy Pascal's Wager thing, I'm talking about statistical proof that theists live better lives than atheists- so far, I've seen that the opposite tends to be true.