creation/multiple religion discussion

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creation/multiple religion discussion

okay, well i'm an athiest, with alot of christan/catholic friends, and my family is buddhist, so i'm a bit confused. i really dont believe in a god.

but if there isnt a God, how were we created, and from what?
what exactly do you believe about this?

and is it possible to have more than one religion?

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The story of how humanity

The story of how humanity came to be is still a mystery in some ways, but many scientific discoveries have allowed us to unveil the mystery of it a bit.

Many scientists support the Big Bang theory (which I will honestly admit I do not completely understand). A good idea might be to read some books on the topic. I would steer towards the popular science genre and away from the academic variety. Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan are both good examples. Once you have a firm understanding of the topics, you may want to read more academic type works.

How humans emerged onto the earth is more where my knowledge lies. I'm sure you've heard of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution and natural selection. Multiple fossil discoveries and the make-up of DNA and the like point to a common ancestory among all living beings. In short, the most basic fundamentals of life evolved over several years (and by several, I mean billions) by way of weeding out "weaker" characteristics and adapting the features that were most valuable to survival. Books to read are Darwin's Ghost (don't remember the author), The Blind Watchmaker, and the Ancestor's Tale, both by Richard Dawkins.

The point of all of this is...theism does not have a reasonable and logical basis. Gods were created by men in a time when there were no answers. There was no science. There was no anything but a desire to understand the world. However, since the Enlightenment, by using reason, science, and logic to discover truths about the world, there are answers without myths.

I think that it is possible to have more than one religion, but honestly ask yourself, "Who even wants to have one religion?" Is there are purpose? Is there a reason? What has religion done for me? What has it done for the world? Are there other, more realistic and reasonable options?"

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On the question of can you

On the question of can you have more than one religion, you can't with Christianity or Judiasm. First commandment "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

EDIT: Also, the first pillar of Islam "There is no God, but Allah."

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FroMagnon wrote:How humans

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I guess people could have

I guess people could have more than one religion...Be alil odd..But man...I have no idea where we came from....So that oook I dont wanna know lol

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were did we come from? were

were did we come from? were did god come from? no matter what its a mystery, so i will go with the logical side, evolution