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Political parties and a small rant on gun control.

I was commenting on Military by GeneralRamos, but started to rant about political parties, thus my first blog. I find it ironic that reps and dems claim they are working for freedoms, but it seems they just pick some freedoms to work on. Reps seem to like to tell women what to do, who we can have sex with, and when we have sex. Dems seem to like to tell us what we cant say and what isn't safe (guns). While I think dems might have better reasons/reasoning for their point I almost wonder if the parties ended up picking the side the other party didn't. I mean really banning guns won’t stop shit. I’m not saying let connived felons get full-auto rifles with armor piercing rounds or let everyone keep a nuke in their backyard, but it will do more harm then good to take guns away from citizens. Look up Penn and Teller’s Bullshit episode on gun control. Also if you look at the shooting at Montreal you can see gun control isn’t that effective.

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