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God Exists

I know that this is an aethiest forum but let me say that God exists. It doesn't matter what you think or say and how boldly you say it but He exists. One day when all this will come to an end and when you will die you will stand before him. Trust me... Think about it. I am not syaing that you have to trust in Jesus now. I know as you read this most of you are offended. Most of you are already saying things in there mind about me. Most of you are already critizing me. I have once been an aethist and I have did all the things you do now. I have had the state of mind that God does not exist. But in every one of you there exists a fear which always comes back to you. Can you answer me the question with ocnfidence in your hearts that nothing will happen to you when you die. Think about this when you lie in bed; What will happen if I die tonight? Where will I be if I die tonight? There has to be an answer to it. There is still hope for every one of you that comes to this site.

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