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The Bible Vs. Al Qu'ran

It has been brought up before and I just watched a special on Paula Zahn about whether Muslims should be able to swear on Al Qu'ran and Jews to swear on the Old Testament and etc, etc. First of all, one guy did a great job of pointing out that it is, in fact, illegal to have people swearing on the Bible in court because that violates the separation of church and state which is the very first right on the bill of rights ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion", and the fact that most of our founding fathers were secular) so I know the founding fathers found the freedom from religion even more important than the freedom of religion.

The evil of Yahweh

It is easy to name things in this world that are bad and you would think would not exist if there were a loving God: Autism, SIDS, HIV, birth defects, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Mental retardation, Wishbone brand French dressing, running out of beer, Mustard, the Common cold, various flus, STDs (STIs), American Idol, the TV show TLC, country music, emo music, Osteoporosis, breast cancer.....

Anyway, when an atheist brings these things up, a theist will respond that man brought it on himself or that it is Satan. Either way, I can easily prove that it is God's fault, meaning that if there is a God, he is an evil, hatefilled tyrant, and if there isn't a God, then all of these "evil" things have a perfectly logical explanation.

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