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I have found myself wondering how people can be catholic after all the damage that the catholic religion has done. How do people follow with such blind devotion a group that has plenty of past corrupted leaders, a treacherous past, and such irrational beliefs. The church itself has to be full of people who either don't understand the religion to its fullest or are just plain ignorant, perhaps even arrogant.

The church has been known throughout history to have a wealth of issues involving keeping celibacy. Multiple popes have been known to sneak off and have intercourse with some nun or other female. They have also been known to go off and torture people. Even give orders to kill someone because the do not agree with the church!! The first pope ever, the churches beloved Saint Peter. The one they all cherish. He himself was in my opinion the worst. Not many people are fully aware of what happened with him. They just know he was the first pope and decide to accept him as holy. He is the only apostle to ever been called "Satan" by Jesus, and the only apostle EVER, to deny even knowing Jesus, UNDER OATH while he was being judged by the Sanhedrin. He was the only one to abandon Christ at Calvary. He would fit perfectly under the term of traitor. According to Dante's inferno he would go to the ninth dimension of hell. Where Satan himself tortures them. But of course, he ended up being a pope. The first pope and the most revered pope. Where is the sense in that? That is the equivalent of making me pope. "Christ promised that he'd protect His Church and the Pope from officially teaching error. He did not guaranty us that the Church would be never be ruled by corrupt men. "(Matt.16:19, 23). Even so, even if that is true, they still taught error. The corruption of the bad popes, eventually went down the chain, and the priests are corrupted also. There have been multiple claims, and multiple cases against perverted priests who have done sexual acts with young students, even older people. Nuns have been known to be involved also. The church is a horribly corrupt group of men.

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