Black and white

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Im not sure exactly why i argue about almost anything. Im only arguing [i]my[/i] side of something. Even if others agree with what i have to say it doesnt really matter because the world isnt black and white. There is no defined right and wrong. Science is not always true and religion is not always a bad thing.

If you think about it your

If you think about it your correct, there is no right nor wrong. Just what one considers morally correct. I might think its right to recycle, where in PR of China its correct to have dicatorship.

Sometimes science isnt always correct and religion cant be a bad thing, course in small doses. Like I noticed no mass amount of Buddist-monk terrorists attacking hospitals or schools.


If you truly believe that there is no absolute right and wrong than you cannot argue your side of anything, because you are on both sides (meaning you are on neither side).

By the way, never charge a Christian of hypocracy. The simple fact that you do not believe in absolute truth means that arguing for any belief of yours is hypocracy.

When you actually have something to say, get back to me.