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          since alot of people on this site made an about me section i figured i would make one to.


           well to start off my name is Aaron, i was born in a small town in new york state many years ago. my interests include computer's, video games, biology and the understanding of life it was through studying the last two at school and in my spare time that had lead me to becoming who i am today an Atheist.


           my family know's i am who i am and why i am this way, i dont keep it a secret from anyone although i dont advertise the fact. ive encountered alot of oppisition especually at school and even by a few teachers. ive convinced most of why i feel this way usually through simple logic such as if everything MUST be created and have a begining and an end then who created god?, why does he live forever?, what gives him the authority to punish his creation all the while knowing that it was going to eventually make a mistake?.

            i hope one day to become a scientist or a musician maybe even both, the question why is a question i would love to answer especually why are we here? some people speculate that what is here is here today and will be here tomarrow weather or not we human's still exist that also happends to be an idea i live by.to change gears a bit im here in this forum to expand my understanding of Atheism and understanding of this world no fairy tailes or ghost stories just solid fact's.

            a few more random facts about me are as follows

a few things i like:



good heavy metal music

good people

halo 3


a few things i hate:



the smell of pine trees

annoying people


willfully ignorant people


Pine trees smell awesome,

Pine trees smell awesome, you heathen. May the Great Pine God bless you. Seriously, thanks for telling us more about yourself though.


hes right,pine trees are awesome smelling.but ya dude i understand waht u mean about athiesm man.why is there a point?hell were not gonna find out u may as well live ur life how u want to and hope theres something good.im an athiest too but hey if there a chance somin created the universe,it probaly wasnt the god humans think of.