We all have to Wonder

We all have to wonder, if Jesus so loved the world then why didn’t he demonstrate calculus and the periodic table? Had he of done so we would have gone to the moon and beyond centuries ago. Cancer as well as many other illnesses would now be a thing of the past. Through the ages, think of all the children that died in their mother’s arms from an infection by a minor cut. Who was this man Jesus? Did he really exist? Does it matter?

We also have to wonder, when someone demands that you follow him and believe in him yet never shows himself, well, you got yourself a con-artist.

Our spiritual thirst is evolutionary derived. But what is it for? Well, for one thing it is to promote social order. Since spirituality is innately inborn in us, it’s probably a good thing to go along with it. However, there are healthier ways to go about it. As we’ve seen with many religions throughout the world, they break the human spirit and demean the human enterprise i.e. extreme right wing radicals.

I get my spiritual lift by studying science. Not by studying the hard courses mind you. But rather, I read such pleasurable books as "Cosmos", by Carl Segan, "Origins", by Neil De Grasse Tyson, and "The Atlas of Life on Earth", by Michael J. Benton, just to name a few.

From those books I now have a fair working knowledge of the wonders of life and find that we live in the most astounding time in humanity. Most of the science marvels that have been revealed, has happened in the last hundred years, or less! We walk with the students of Einstein. There is a treasure trove of astonishment all around us. Yet we miss it everyday. What a sin.

I’ll save the rest for later. Until then, it is my contention that without a working knowledge of truths as demonstrated by science the hymn, “How Great Thou Art”, has little to no meaning. I’ll leave by saying, “Hey, look over here” (Science)

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