Ranting about stuff.

Why the fuck are certain, arbitrarily-delimited words considered bad? It's absolute bullshit to say that a certain combination of sounds is "bad" or evil or anything like that. If I say "shot" it's considered absolutely okay, but change one fucking letter/sound and some people will gasp in shock. A certain person hasn't talked to me for three fucking weeks as soon as I used the word fuck in my display name/message. That too, it was clearly in order to add emphasis and not meant as an insult. I didn't even cuss while talking to her. I rarely ever do while talking orally since the trouble I'll get into just isn't worth it, but sometimes the word fuck can be useful in adding needed emphasis to a sentence or statement.

Some people seem to treat cussing like it's the equivalent of a rape. IT'S NOT HARMING ANYONE WHILE A RAPE IS A BLATANT VIOLATION OF SELF-OWNERSHIP, MORONS.

Another of my big issues is when people whine about me "hurting their feelings" or "not being nice." Morons, it's not supposed to be nice. Sometimes you've got to let steam off when people are being dumbasses. What do you expect, when people are saying some of the stupidest things ever ABOUT ME, I'm just going to sit there quietly and let them talk all they want??

"WAH WAH WAH YOU HURT MY FEELINGS THEREFORE YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE INVALID" is exactly the kind of "argument" I get a lot. EMOTIONS DO NOT FUCKING MAKE AN ARGUMENT, FUCKERS. Emotions can be used to make an argument for ANYTHING, including my position. They are fucking invalid because opinions do not affect how reality operates.

I think a lot of people tend to confuse the two different meanings of "rational." One meaning is to sit calmly and talk without getting all steamed up, and the other meaning is to talk with reason in your words. They are not the fucking same thing. It's certainly possible to sit calmly and say the stupidest, most bat fuck insane and irrational thing ever said on the history of the cosmos. It's also possible to be screaming and cussing while still using logic in your speech. One is about emotions in your ACTING, the other is about emotions in your ARGUMENTS.

People who have good points and arguments are the ones who tend to get frustrated more often than the ones who don't. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

I hate censorship too. And parents blocking kids from visiting certain websites. You wanna teach them responsibility? Responsibility comes from FREEDOM. If I force you to do something, you aren't free, and you can't be held responsible, I am. If I do something out of my free choice I am to be held responsible. And please note that while not all people will actually take responsibility for their actions, they should be HELD responsible anyway. Hiding them from seeing "bad" things only fucking makes them wanna see it even MORE. And cyber-stalking them has never and will never work (Hey, Pops). It only makes kids more resentful of you and dependent if you're not gonna let them take responsibility for themselves. If you're going to limit how many sites/TV shows/etc. they can watch, how the fuck does that encourage independence and responsibility? Either they have absolute freedom and absolute responsibility, or they don't. There is no alternative. And don't go on with the usual "some freedom, but not total" - if YOU are making the decision on how much freedom they're getting, you are the one who decides. "Freedom in a box" is nonsense - who gets to decide how much freedom in the box? If it's the parent, the parent rules. If it's the child, the child would choose all freedom (unless brainwashed of course). If it's a third party, that party is the one who rules.

Then I hate when people whine about me being "close-minded" since I'm not going to nod my head stupidly to a statement that is so obviously insane. I'm not fucking close-minded, I've changed my position a lot over the years and I'm willing to admit I'm wrong. But if you say something that I've heard a million times over without anything new and I reject it, am I being close-minded?? Most people who have accused me of being close-minded have never changed their positions on most issues, while I'm the one who went from statist to anarchist, from agnostic atheist to strong atheist, from hating an-socs/an-coms to being supportive of them, from arguing for the death penalty to being somewhat against it, from against-legalization-of-drugs to being all the way pro-drugs, from this to that. How the fuck am I being close-minded?

By far I'd say the top three kinds of people I hate the most are the: willfully ignorant - the kind who will go to every imaginable length to avoid thinking about what I just said, including outright saying they don't believe in reason (yes, I've had people say that to me), hypocritical - the ones who fail to realize they're the source of the problem while they blame me for it, and the blatantly dishonest - the ones who will make up lies only to support what they're saying.

(Whew, I think I'm better now. Just had to get all that off my chest.)