One month :)

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Heyy everybody.  Well today is mine and my boyfriend's one month anniversary and I am really happy about it.  Two months ago, I got out of a relationship.  His name was Alex.  We dated for over a year and a month.  He broke up with me, and I was devistated.  But I am to the point now where I am thinking, if it was meant to be, then it will be.  I am moving on for the most part.  Me and Colin started dating May 15.  He is so sweet and romantic.  He has helped me through everything and I am so so so glad that I have him and that I am able to call him mine.  Tomorrow I am supposed to be spending all day at his house.  I wanted to today but his parents weren't going to be home.  And we've been having tornado warnings ALL day/  But he is supposed to come get me tomorrow morning.  I can't wait.