Long time no post!

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Hello all,
I haven't been on this site for quite a while now, and am very pleased to see how active it is. It's good to know that there's a lot of youth beginning to think rationally about the world around them.

Since my last post here, I've become a relular member of the atheist podcast "Vox Populi", hosted by Hellbound Alleee. It's "the show by atheists, for atheists" in which the team members answer "questions relevant to the atheist life". For those of you that haven't heard it, I suggest you check it out at [url=http://]www.hellboundalleee.com/voxpopuli[/url]

Also, I've started writing my own blog at blogspot entitled [b]The Freedom to Say 2 + 2 is 4[/b], at [url=http://]http://freedom224.blogspot.com[/url] So far I've mostly been discussing anarchy and morality, but as I state on my first post ("2 + 2 = 4"), I eventually plan to be writing topics in regards to atheism/theism (probably as it pertains to fundamentalism, right now, because I'm taking a course and reading several books on it right now). Even so, the questions of anarchy are very similar in nature to those of atheism, so if you want to continue the rationalism, continue the quest!

Best of luck to you all, I'll be sure to check back here from time to time. Keep fighting the good fight!