The Koran on Science and History.

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The Koran on Science and History.

Humans created from a single man. 4: 1

Homosexual acts are condemned as unnatural. (Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?) But, in fact, such acts are common in many other species. 7:80-81

Crucifixion is a Roman punishment, unknown in Egypt at the time this story supposedly occurred. 7:124

Humans created from a single man. 7:189

Joseph saw in a dream eleven planets. Does this mean that according to the Quran there are eleven planets in our solar system? 12:4

The sun rises and sets at particular places on a flat earth. At the westernmost point on earth, the sun sets in a muddy spring. 18:86, 90

Most scholars consider Dhu'l-Qarneyn ("The Two-Horned Lord") to be Alexander the Great, who is here presented as a devout Muslim. 18:83-98

The Pharaoh threatens to crucify Hebrews on palm tress. (But crucifixion was a Roman form of punishment that was unknown at the time.) 20:71

The earth is fixed and does not move. 27:61

"The sun runneth on unto a resting-place for him." 36:38

"We decked the nether heaven with lamps.">
Allah put "lamps" in the lower heaven to serve as lights. These are the stars that we see in the sky at night. 41:12

"Who hath created seven heavens ... Canst thou see any rifts?"
Allah asks Muhammed to examine the sky to see if it has any cracks. 67:3

Allah made the stars as missiles to throw at devils. 67:5

At the end of the world the earth with the mountains will be lifted up and crushed with one crash. 69:14

"And hath made the moon a light"
This verse implies that the moon produces its own light, rather than reflecting light from the sun. 71:16

Someday the stars will fall. 81:2

Humans are formed from "a gushing fluid" that issues "from between the loins and the ribs." 86:5-7

Allah dealt with the owners of the elephant by sending swarms of "flying creatures". 105:1-3