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The End

When the world ends,

When it comes to a halt.

Who will be there,

To sort it all out?


The tides are turning.

We're losing sight,

Of what is around us,

What isn't alright.


Predators roaming,

Swift as night.

Searching for prey,

With all their might.


We forget who's out there,

Unable to comprehend,

What life would be like,

If it came to an end.

My Subtotals

I took a creative writing honors course through CTD at Northwestern University and this was one of my assignments. It was based off of a short "story" which is where we got our inspiration obviously.

Number of pages in my composition book when first given: 100. Number of pages used: 48. Number of pages ripped out: 16. Number of pages drawn on: 2. Number of words in my composition book: 6,983. Number of notebooks in the classroom: 16. Number of hot drinks I've drank in class: 11. Number of laughs: in class, 240, all together, 32,058. Number of sleepless nights: 112. Number of scars: 3. Number of broken bones: 0. Number of fractured bones: 2 Number of needles stuck in foot: 1. Number of states lived in: 2. Number of states been to: 29. Number of countries been to: 6. Number of death remembered: 1. Number of brothers: 2. Number of pages printed this week: 34. Number of years lived: 13. Number of books in the miniature exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago: 269. Number of doors in my home: 20. Number of books in my closet: 117. Number of revisions of Futuristic Mind: 7. Number of poems written: 40. Number of short stories written: started, 12, finished, 3. Number of journals: at home, 10, lost, 4, here, 2. Number of lines so far: 15. Number of words so far: 203. Number of songs on my MP3 player: mine, 145, Dad's, 321. Number of books read: started, 196, finished 125. Number of doors slammed: 22. Number of times feeling worthless: too many to count. Number of times feeling loved: way too many to count. Number of minutes until class is out: 3.

Another World

In another world,

Up is down and left is right.

In another world,

What is wrong is right.


To get the chance

To see what life holds

In another dimension,

To leave a world so cold.

Most would do it.

Most would accept.

To try something new,

This one single chance.


But we'd lose sight of ourselves,

Of our life and our being.

We'd forget what we love,

What we hate and our feelings.


We'd gave it all up,

For a chance to explore

A world so different

We'd fall for the lure.

Passing Time

Passing Time

60, 59, 58, 57,

The clock ticks by,

52, 51, 50, 49,

Stealing each moment,

45, 44, 43, 42,

Reminisces only remain,

38, 37, 36, 35,

We wish for it to stop,

28, 27, 26, 25,

So we can fix mistakes,

19, 18, 17, 16,

We have tried to be patient,

9, 8, 7, 6,

But we're left with nothing.


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