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10 things I hate about commandments.

I saw this on the other forum and I want to post it here, its a funny video. If anyone knows how I can post the video instead of the link, let me know. Thank you.

(I already tried putting in the code from the Embed section).


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Santa Claus was a mushroom.

Now, I was reading this and I thought it was interesting. I'm going to copy and paste the stuff I was read on

I suggest to look at the pictures in the link.

"Greetings and holiday love, one and all. Not that fake ass holiday love that you get from the aggressive charity collector with the bell and the bucket in front of the supermarket, I offer you all the real shit, just like you get from Grandma.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and not just because of the fact that you exchange gifts with loved ones, and celebrate, but because I’m aware of the original meaning behind it all.

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