God isnt what everyone thinks...

I've been doing some thinking recently... and it doesnt make sense that there could ever have been a being like this, but it also doesnt make sense that almost the entire world seems to have been drawn in by the idea of a god... not just the Christians, but the Native Americans, the Chinese, the Indians, the Africans... so ive been thinking... what if there was something back in those days? beings who were involved in our early devolepment? throughout the ages, people have been asking another question... Where's the Lost City of Atlantis? what happened to it? its legend is almost as unbelievable as a god's, but the only reason is because for a city like that to have existed would mean that there were people back then that were as advanced as we are now, or more so, back during the days of the wheel. What if Atlantis was real? what if it was a nation much like America today? A city-state with incredibly advanced technology? it would explain why so many cultures have so many different but similar ideas on gods... think about it... before Christianity came, the Romans and the Egyptians and the Greeks and all of them each had a set of gods, the Romans mixing them all into one large set. what if these "gods" were actuelly people, representitives, from the city of Atlantis (or, if it was gone by that point, another place connected with it)? the Native Americans had their own dipictions of gods, though they didnt hold them up as highly as Europeans did... and so on and so on all over the world... and then, almost instantly, Christianity popped up in Rome. and it spread. almost the same thing for Judaism and Muslim. i think their all about the same age... im not quite sure... but i do know they all can trace their roots back to a dude named Abraham... maybe there was a problem in Atlantis, a shift in politics, and they decided it wasnt smart to meddle with us lesser beings, but Abraham didnt want us to feel abandoned by so many gods, so he went to us in Europe and the that general area, and spread messages of one, unnamed god... or maybe he did have a name, and its just been lost to the winds of time... or maybe it was Allah... but it makes sense, since Abraham seems to dissappear,, then Jesus comes in, along with several other noted figures... maybe theres a story that can be written here... a story already written... but if you think about it, doesnt it make sense? in the least?

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This could be related to

This could be related to some claims I've heard linking religious texts to aliens. It's certainly a fun thought, but a being interfering with our development isn't necessary for the creation of gods worldwide.

Early gods were created as a means of explaining what our ancestors couldn't understand - natural phenomenon like fire, lightning, death, etc. These stories, as they are passed down for centuries, are molded and take on different forms. There is no need for a basis for these gods in the form of an interferer, nature is enough to cause such an idea to be common to men everywhere.

As peoples spread and societies change, their gods change as well to reflect the developments. Monotheism developed in Zoroastrianism, and the Israelites would later change over from polytheism to a monotheistic belief based largely aroudn ideas of this other religion. In this fashion, ideas and religions mixed as cultures interacted, and you end up with many religions that follow similar ideas. Those that still exist can mostly be seperated into Abrahamic religions and Eastern religions, branching from Zoroastrianism, and you can easily seem the connections of ideas as you travel back in time.