Digg it for charity!

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Digg it for charity!

So I'm currently in a contest right now. If I win I have already declared that all money is going to chairty.

To Describe better I'll post what I talked about with raymanbrint:

Zook: Hey could you digg up http://digg.com/tech_news/A_Digg_for_Charity ?
Zook: Please :X
raymanbrint: dude stop
raymanbrint: I asked you what the deal was about it
raymanbrint: I don't comprehend
Zook: Ok.
Zook: So Basically i have a group started up.
Zook: If that groups enough publicity and people to join, I will win $7,000.
Zook: If I do win that money is all going towards charity in the RRS's name.
Zook: We need people to digg up the article to get publicity to the group.

All you need to do to help is digg up the article as fast as possible, That's it. We have to do this before the article reaches the one day period though! Please help for the cause, It's a great one!

Digg This Article: http://digg.com/tech_news/A_Digg_for_Charity

-T.J. Smith

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Raymanbrint cracks me up.

Raymanbrint cracks me up.